On the More Important Additions to our Knowledge of British Birds Since 1899

Published on 01 August 1908 in Main articles

(Continued from page 184.) N O R T H E R N B U L L F I N C H Pyrrhula pyrrhula (L.). S. page 195. ” A considerable immigration of Bullfinches ” was recorded by Mr. J . S. Tulloch. as having taken place in Shetland at the end of November, 1905. A specimen having been sent to Mr. W . Eagle Clarke, he pronounced it to be a representative of the large and brilliant race which breeds in Scandinavia and Russia–the typical Loxia pyrrhula of Linnaeus. Others probably of t h e same form were seen b y D r . T. E . Saxby a t Unst in March a n d April, 1905 ; while in November of t h e same year one or more visited Fair Isle. F u r t h e r records include a male killed in North Shetland, October 18th, 1906, and a few seen in Fair Isle in November, 1906 (cf. Ann. S.N.H., 1905, p . 1 8 2 ; 1906, p p . 50, 115, a n d 1 4 8 ; 1907, pp. 50 a n d 70). A female which D r . Saxby obtained a t Halligarth on November 8th, 1902 (Zool., 1902, p . 468), m a y have also belonged t o this form. The only previous authentic records of the occurrence of this bird in t h e British Isles were of two obtained in Yorkshire a t Kilnsea, Holderness, a

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