On the Nesting of the Scaup-Duck in Scotland.

Published on 01 July 1908 in Main articles

C , r.z.s., M.B.O.U. there is no more interesting fact in the history of the modern ornithology of these islands than theremarkable spread of the breeding area of many of the duek-tribe during recent years. The causes which made its allies, the Tufted Duck* and Shoveler,f common resident species in Scotland, have also affected the Scaup-Duck. There are several early records of its supposed breeding in Scotland. Under the head of ” Scaup Pochard ” Selby writes | : ” a single female was shot by Sir William Jardine in a small loch between Loch Hope and Eriboll in 1834; she was attended by a young one, which unfortunately escaped among the reeds. This is the first instance of its breeding in Great Britain that I am aware of.” In June, 1868,§ Mr. J. A. Harvie-Brown shot an adult male Scaup in Sutherlandshire, ” which had been frequenting the loch for some days ; and from its unwillingness to leave the locality, though repeatedly disturbed and fired at, I am fully persuaded that the female was sitting on her eggs at no great distance. With my friend, Mr. W. Jesse, I also in June, 1867, obtained a laying of duck’s eggs, and though failing to identify them, they closely resembled eggs of this species from Lapland.” In 1880 the late Dr. A. 0. Stark recorded a nest and eggs found on Loch Leven which he considered to be those of a Scaup. || Full details have recently (cmtea, p.

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