Pallas’s Grasshopper-Warbler (Locustella Certhiola) in Ireland. A New British Bird.

Published on 01 July 1908 in Main articles

miles off the coast of co. Dublin) on September 28th, 1908, by the assistant light-keeper–Martin Kennedy. This is the first recorded occurrence of this bird in the British Isles, and so far as I can ascertain, it has only once before been obtained in Europe, viz., by the late Heinrich Gatke, in Heligoland, where a young bird was caughtat the lighthouse lantern on the night of August 12th– 13th, 1856. I n 1858, Blasius, when on a visit to this island, examined the specimen, and called it ” the jewel ” of Gatke’s collection (cf. H. Gatke, Heligoland, Eng. Ed., pp. 310 and 312). The breeding range of this bird appears to extend over Siberia, east of the Yenesei, to the Pacific, and southwards to the Altai Mountains and the Amur River, while it occurs in China on passage, and winters in Burma, India, and the Malay Archipelago. In habits it seems to be much the same as our GrasshopperWarbler, and in appearance it is somewhat similar. A friend said it resembled a cross between a Hedge-Sparrow and a Grasshopper-Warbler, but it is markedly larger than the latter bird, and is of a reddish-brown on the upper side, the feathers being striped with black, while the tailfeathers are tipped with greyish-white. The bird was in plump condition, and was no “wind-driven,” half-starved, specimen. Judging by lighthouse specimens it is probable that many inconspicuous birds visit our shores more frequently than other records would lead us to suppose. In this case,

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