Parrots of the World

Published on 27 February 2019 in Book reviews

By Steve Brookes

New Holland, 2018; pbk, 176pp; 120 photographs; ISBN 978-1-92151-771-6

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There are around 380 species of parrot and this book features 126 of them, mostly photographed by the author on the private tours that he organises for parrot enthusiasts. Although the photographs are of good quality, the fact that they represent such a small percentage of the total group really limits the value of this book to a birder. Each illustration is accompanied by a short text of around 40–50 words, which usually explains where the photograph was taken and what the photographer was doing at the time. If you like parrots, then it is an attractive book, but the lack of information about the birds themselves or the different parrot genera means that it is basically a collection of photographs – although thankfully taken in the wild.

Keith Betton