Pom Skuas beware!

Published on 15 December 2010 in News and comment

Great Black-backed Gull takes Pomarine Skua by the scruff of the neck (Graham Catley)

Graham Catley sent in these pictures to BB after a typically freezing December day in north Lincolnshire. He says: ‘It was cold on the Humber today, with a force 6 easterly and pack-ice a metre thick on the tide edge. A juvenile Pomarine Skua flew past this morning and in the afternoon I found it again, on a Common Gull that it had killed. As I watched, a Great Black-backed Gull this picked up the skua by the head! The GBB dropped it and the skua went back to the Common Gull carcass. At one stage it was swamped by a huge wave and disappeared under water for about 30 seconds – magic.’

The Humber (Graham Catley)