Recovery of Marked birds

Published on 01 July 1931 in Main articles

Place and Date Ringed. Place and Date Recovered. CARRION-CROW {Corpus c. corone). RR.4489 Near Gt. Budworth (Ches.), Near Knutsford (Ches.), 11.5.30, young, by A. W. 7.3.31, by C. Hart. Boyd. RR-7^55 Malvern (Worcs.), IT.5,29, Where ringed, 3.5.31, by young, by W. A. Cadman. P. K. A. Morshead. RR.5256 Near Wells (Som.), 8.5.29, Chewton Mendip (Som.), young, by C. R. Stonor. 7 4 – 3 1 . by J- Furze. ROOK (Corpus f. frugilegus). 79516 Wilmslow (Ches.), 23.4.28, Chelford (Ches.), 6.1.31, by ad., by E. Cohen. T. Lonias. RS.411 Malvern (Worcs.), 17.5.30, Near Worcester, 13.3.31, by young, by W. A. Cadman. A. T. Benbow. 7 S 793 JACKDAW ( in. spermologus). Near Dundee, TO.6.28,young, Near where ringed, 3.5.30, by E. C. Sharp. by ringer. MAGPIE {Pica p. pica). Kirriemuir (Angus), 21.5.30, Edzell (Angus), -24.4.31, by young, by T. L, Smith. A. Robertson. Near Appleton (Berks.), Kingston Ragpuize (Berks.), 30.5.30, young, for Oxford IT.3.31, by W. Chappie. Orn. Soc. STARLING (Sturmis v. vulgaris). Yell, Shetland is., 5.3.24, Where ringed, 15.11.30, by ad., for Lond. N.H. Soc. C. J. lnkster, per W. E. Glegg. Scone Estate, Perth, 21.3.30, Perth, 5.12.30, by J. Allan. ad., by Lord Scone. Ditto 27.1.30. Lunearty (Perth), 12,3.31, by A. Haggart. Ditto 29.11.29. Where ringed 1.11.30, bv ringer. Ditto 26.12.29. Ditto 31.10.30. Ditto 15,1.30. Ditto 6.1.31. Ditto 16.3.30. Ditto 6.1.31. Broughty Ferry (Angus), Alyth (Perths.), December, 20.12.25, ad., by T. L. 1930, by I.. Stewart. Smith. Ditto 16.11.29. Where ringed, 10.4.31, by H. Guild. Largo (Fife), 22.3.30, ad., by

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