Published on 01 July 1908 in Book reviews

Report on the Immigrations of Summer Residents in the Spring of 1907 : also Notes on the Migratory Movements during the Autumn of 1906. By the Committee appointed by the British Ornithologists’ Club. (Forming Vol. X X I I . , Bull. B.O.C. Edited by W. R. Ogilvie-Grant). 31 Maps. Witherby & Co. 6s. T H I S , the third Annual Report of the B.O.C. Migration Committee, although drawn u p in the same form as previous reports, is rather more ambitious in t h a t it includes some notes on a u t u m n movements. These are too incomplete, however, to have much value, b u t we welcome the promise of a more elaborate record of a u t u m n movements in the next report. I n our notice (antea, Vol. I., p . 30) of the second ” R e p o r t , ” we questioned the accuracy of the table which shows the areas of the arrival of the various species, and curiously enough in the present ” Report ” this table (p. 11) is not free from blemish, the White Wagtail being entered as arriving solely in the western half of the south coast, whereas in the detailed s u m m a r y on page 107, as well as in the map, it is shown to have been reported first in Kent, and similarly the table does not tally with the summaries and maps in

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