Notes on the Birds of Warwickshire by C. A. Norris. (Cornish Brothers Ltd., Birmingham, 1947). 8s. 6d. THE only previous account of the birds of this county was that published by R. F. Tomes in the Victoria History of Warwickshire in 1904. The present little work thus fills a gap in the series of county ornithologies and the bibliography shows that the author has made a very thorough search of all the relevant literature and has also been able to use unpublished material from many sources. He has found satisfactory records of the occurrence in the county of 238 species and subspecies of which 121 occur regularly (94 of them breeding), 36 are classed as scarce or irregular visitors and 81 as very rare vagrants. The systematic list gives details of the status of each of these. Mr. Norris states in a foreword that these notes are intended to pave the way for a full and more detailed history of the birds of Warwickshire, which he hopes to compile, and that much has still to be learnt about the distribution of the more local species. With this excellent summary of what is already known ornithologists in the county now possess an admirable foundation for future work. W. j}. A. A List of the Birds of the Counties of Galway and Mayo by R. F. Ruttledge. (Proc. Royal Irish Academy, vol. 52, Section B, No. 8 Dublin: Hodges, Figgs & Co., 1950). 5s. FEW counties or regions of Ireland have had
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