Published on 01 March 1908 in Book reviews

The Birds of Kent. By William J. Davis. Map and one illustration. J. & W. Davis, Dartford. 1907. 6s. net. T H E county of Kent is of such importance ornithologically, that it is a subject for wonder and regret that no authoritative history of its avifauna has hitherto been published. Several small works there are, that have appeared at long intervals, dealing with specified areas, but taken together they do not cover more than half the area of the county. I t was therefore with feelings of eager anticipation that we turned to this volume, the first that purports to deal with the birds of the whole county. Our hopes were, however, soon turned to disappointment, for we found t h a t it consisted almost entirely of the author’s previously issued ” Birds of the Dartford District,” with copious extracts from Prentis’ ” Birds of Eainham,” and Dowker’s ” Birds of East Kent.” A few quotations from the ” Field ” and one or two from the ” Zoologist” are added, but no systematic attempt has been made to cull the mass of material that is to be found in the pages of these and other publications. Several of the local faunas, too, do not appear to have been consulted, and the county museum collections have hardly been mentioned. I n any book dealing with the Birds of Kent we should expect such species as the Golden Oriole, Dartford Warbler and Kentish Plover to be treated of fairly

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