By D. A. BANNERMAN. Illustrated by G. E. Lodge. (Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh), Vol. VI (I957)= 3 2 ° pages; 26 colour plates. Vol. VII (1958): 256 pages; 27 colour plates. ^ 3 3s. each. THE SIXTH VOLUME describes the storks, herons, Flamingo, swans, geese and shelducks--a total of 30 species. Volume seven covers the remainder of the Anatidae, with 32 accounts including Black Duck and Ring-necked Duck. The Baikal Teal is treated in square brackets, the author adding, " I feel that Anas formosa should not appear on the British List under the circumstances related above". The Mandarin Duck is not mentioned. In many of the plates Mr. Lodge achieved a gracefully spacious impression by allowing the birds themselves to cover only a relatively small portion of each picture. Some idea of a bird's surroundings and a suggestion of its habits are an often neglected part of ornithological illustration. Dr. Bannerman acts as much as editor as author and in preparing the text has again drawn upon the experience of a very large group of experts specializing in the species concerned; among his more important contributors in these volumes are Prof, G. J. van Ordt on the Spoonbill and' Bewick's Swan in Holland, R. A. H. Coombes on geese and Shelduek, Dr. H. M. S. Blair on a number of ducks, and Lord William Percy on Steller's Eider. He welds the whole together with his wide personal knowledge, acquired from many overseas travels, particularly in Mediterranean and African
Issue 8
Hollom, P. A. D
Hollom, P. A. D
Eggeling, W. J
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