Published on 01 April 1908 in Book reviews

Notes on the Birds of Rutland. By C. Reginald Haines, M.A., P.S.A., etc. Illustrations and Map. Porter. 7s. Gd. net. M B . H A I N E S need have made no apology for his little book, for, as he writes in his preface, every county should have a separate history of its avifauna. I t s small size, inland position, the sameness of its physical features, and the fact that few have taken any interest in its avifauna, go to make Rutland a poor county for birds. Only two hundred species are here included, and some of these are recorded on slender evidence. Mr. Haines has had little help, but he has done his work well and conscientiously. Attention may be drawn to the following points:–The Stonechat appears to be a rare bird notwithstanding abundance of gorse; the note (p. 16) on the “Dartford Warbler” certainly does not refer to t h a t bird ; the evidence for the occurrence of the Firecrest, in a letter by Mr. Mitchell (p. 18) appears strong; two Bearded Tits visited Burley Ponds on January 18th, 1905; trinomials are used in brackets and for some of the Tits only (!) ; the Willow Tit is not a subspecies of the Marsh T i t ; the Pied Flycatcher occurs in the breeding season, and there is strong evidence of its having nested ; the Hawfinch is increasing, as elsewhere ; the Twite was definitely added to the list in March, 1905

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