Report on Scottish Ornithology in 1927, including Migration. By Evelyn V. Baxter and Leonora Jeffrey Rintoul. Reprinted from The Scottish Naturalist, 1928, p p . 105-121 and 135-162. THIS excellent annual summary of Scottish ornithological events appears to have been compiled with the authors' usual care and ccntains many interesting items. Among these, the following, which have not previously been mentioned in our pages, may be referred to :-- MAGPIE (Pica p. pica).--One trapped on Islay in early summer appears t o be the first recorded for the Inner Hebrides. NORTHERN BUIXFINCH (Pyrrhula p. pyrrhula).--Several a t Fair Isle from October 24t.l1 t o November 2nd. SCARLET GROSBEAK (Carpodacus e. erythrinus).--At Fair Isle on September 3rd, 23rd and 24th. TWO-BARRED CROSSBILL (Loxia l. bifasciata).--One at Fair Isle on September 2nd and 5Ü1. LITTLE BUNTING (Emberiza pusilla).--One at Fair Isle on October i s t and another on t h e 29th. LAPLAND BUNTING (Calcarius l. lapponicus).--Besides usual autumn occurrences a t Fair Isle, one appeared on May i8th. ICTERINE WARBLER (Hippolais icterina).---At Fair Isle on June 2nd and August 2ist.with t h e spreading of this species in Scotland, nesting is now reported from Nairnshire and Ross-shire. SHELD-DUCK (Tadorna tadorna).--A first record of breeding in Caithness is provided by Mr. C. Oldham, who saw a pair with small young in Dunnet Bay on July I4th, and a pair with eight young near Wick on July I5th. GARGANEY (Anas querquedula).--Four were seen a t Morton Loch (Fife) on April i6th and
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