Published on 01 August 1989 in Book reviews

To use John Busby’s own words, this book came about through a desire to give the many friends that he met there ‘a book of visual memories’. Anyone who has visited Mallorca will instantly be captivated by John Busby’s evocative drawings: a mere flick through the pages will release to the eye and memory instantly recognisable shapes and forms of rocky crag, patchwork fields, wooded slope and glassy seascapes. His birds are not in feather-by-feather detail, but are studies of movement and life. The text is Confined to personal observation of the island and its birds, of places known to many and of others less known. This is a book for those who have savoured the delights of Mallorcan birding and wish to reminisce. Equally, it is for those who are contemplating such a trip: any qualms they may have with regard to the Holiday Brochure Package interpretation of Mallorca will soon vanish. It is not a substitute for the late Eddie Watkinson’s well-known Guide to Birdwatching in Mallorca, but a companion, and a visual memory bank. I loved every page. A. A. K. LANCASTERThe Complete Book of British Birds. Edited by Michael Cady and Rob Hume. AA & RSPB, Basingstoke & Sandy, 1988. 384 pages; 179 colour plates; over 1,000 colour illustrations; 240 distribution maps. £19.95.Produced in celebration of 100 years of the RSPB, this is a sumptuous book, lavish in its use of colour and design. The boldness of the title indicates that here is a volume which

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