Published on 01 July 1908 in Book reviews

Notes on the Birds of Kent. B y R. J . Balston, M.B.O.U., C. W. Shepherd, M.B.O.U., and E. Bartlett. 455 p p . Eight coloured and one collotype plate, and m a p . R. H . Porter. A COUNTY fauna must inevitably be largely a work of compilation, but it should also be a great deal more. I n the prospectus of the present work we were promised t h a t ” all available information hitherto published, together with a very large amount of original material ” would be embodied in it. On going carefully through the volume, however, we regret to find t h a t the original observations of any importance are singularly few, and we have failed to find any records of rare birds, or information on the distribution of the more local species, t h a t have not already been published elsewhere. Very little a t t e m p t seems to have been made to bring the latter important branch of the subject up-to-date, and in consequence the status of several species as given, is at the present day inaccurate. For instance, we find no information about the Dartford Warbler since 1863 ; only very meagre notes on the Golden Oriole since 1875 ; and nothing at all about the Peregrine since 1887. For the rest the book is a mere compilation, and consists almost entirely of articles copied verbatim and in extenso from various sources. As a consequence the

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