Published on 01 January 1908 in Book reviews

Heport on the Immigrations of Summer Residents in the Spring of 1906, bv the Committee appointed by the British Ornithologists’ Club. (Forming Vol. XX., Bull. B.O.C. Edited by W. R. Ogilvie-Grant.) 34 Maps. Witherby & Co. 6s. I N December, 1904, the British Ornithologists’ Club appointed a Committee to enquire into the movements of the common migrants in so far as concerned England and Wales. I n 1906 this Committee issued its first Report, in which the movements of twenty-nine strictly migratory species were traced from the time of their arrival on our shores in the Spring of 1905 until they settled down to breed. The present is the second Report of this Committee, and it deals with the movements of the same species, and five additional ones in the Spring of 1906. No comparison is made between the results obtained in 1906 and 1905, and, although the Committee are, no doubt, perfectly right in refusing to generalize on so comparatively slender a basis as the records obtained in two years only, nevertheless a comparative statement of the facts recorded in the two years would have been a very great gain, and need not have involved any expression of opinion. For instance, the areas of arrival of most of the species seem to have been the same in both years. Thus we now have evidence that the Garden Warbler, Wood Warbler and Landrail have arrived solely on the western half of the south coast, and the Whinchat, Common and Lesser

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