The Breeding of The Hen-Harrier and Hobby In Surrey In 1907

Published on 01 August 1908 in Main articles

THE year 1907 will rank as one of exceptional interest in the annals of Surrey ornithology, on account of three species of considerable rarity, namely, the Hen-Harrier (Circus cyaneus), Hobby (Falco subbuteo), and MarshWarbler (Acrocephalus palustris), having nested within theconfines of the county, and we have great satisfaction in recording that the two first named were successful in rearing their young. The breeding of the Hen-Harrier is undoubtedly to be regarded as the most important event; this bird unfortunately being, at the present time, almost entirelyrestricted, as a nesting species, to a few of the wildest and most extensive moorland districts, and it is therefore somewhat remarkable that a pair should have been successful in bringing off their young, in a comparatively populated neighbourhood within fifty miles of theC. H. BENTHAM,L.B. MOURITZ: HEN-HARRIER. 239 metropolis, and moreover in a county in which gamepreserving is extensively carried on. There is some evidence in support of the supposition that Hen-Harriers nested in Surrey during 1906, as a pair were on more t h a n one occasion observed in the locality where the nest was discovered the year following; two young birds also being seen on the wing near the same place, towards the end of August, 1906. I n 1907 the species was noticed for the first time on March 27th, when a ” B l u e Hawk ” and “Ringtail ” were seen in company. Sometime during April, however, the female met with the usual fate, being shot

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