The Eurasian Curlew – the most pressing bird conservation priority in the UK?

Published on 04 November 2015 in Main articles

By Daniel Brown, Jeremy Wilson, David Douglas, Patrick Thompson, Simon Foster, Neil McCulloch, James Phillips, David Stroud, Sian Whitehead, Nicola Crockford and Rob Sheldon

Abstract Based on its adverse global conservation status, and the global importance but rapid decline of the UK’s breeding population, the Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata should now be considered the UK’s highest conservation priority bird species. A co-ordinated UK recovery programme is urgently required to help ensure that this species does not suffer the same fate as that of other Numenius species.

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Eurasian Curlew Phil McLean/FLPA

Eurasian Curlew Phil McLean/FLPA