The Grey-Backed Warbler (Aムdon familiaris) In Kent: A new British Bird

Published on 01 August 1908 in Main articles

ON July 15th, 1907, a male ” Rufous Warbler ” was shot at Hythe, Kent, and sent to Mr. Bristow, of St. Leonards, where it was seen in the flesh by Dr. N. F. Ticehurst. On receiving it from Mr. Bristow I thought it to be Aedon galactodes, but on its being submitted to Dr. R. B. Sharpe and Mr. W . R. Ogilvie-Grant, they identified it as the Grey-backed Warbler, Aedon familiaris, a bird which has not previously been obtained in this country. I t differs from A. galactodes by the greyish-brown rather than rufous-brown coloration of the upper parts, and by the central pair of tail-feathers being brown instead of chestnut.In range the Grey-backed Warbler replaces the Rufous Warbler as a breeding species in Asia Minor, Turkey and Greece, and further east. I t has, however, wandered to Heligoland, Italy, and the south of France on a few occasions. Aedon galactodes, it may be noted, has only occurred three times in England and once in Ireland, all in the autumn. J. B. NICHOLS.

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