Covid-19: an update from British Birds

The global covid-19 outbreak has brought many changes and challenges, and British Birds is striving to maintain normal service. However, we are aware of potential disruption within our delivery chain, and we wanted to let you know that we are working hard to ensure subscribers will receive expected content in one form or another on time each month. At the time of writing (13th April 2020), our printer – Swallowtail Print – is still open and operational, and the postal service is still running across the UK – albeit with some delayed or reduced service in some areas. However, we acknowledge that one or other – or both – of these services may be affected by the current situation. In that event, we will endeavour to make a digital version of each new issue available to all subscribers at the start of the month, and we will print and mail all of the affected issues just as soon as we can. Please continue to check this page for more information if your printed copy has not arrived when you expected it to.

At BB, we are also acutely aware of the huge impact that the current lockdown situation is having on people’s lives – including birders and conservationists, who would ordinarily be in the field looking for spring migrants or undertaking survey work. We’ve seen plenty of ways that birders are keeping their interest going during the current crisis – from nocturnal recording (and the amazing set of Common Scoter data that came from it) and pan-species listing to taking part in the BTO’s Garden Birdwatch (free to join for the duration of covid-19 lockdown) or even playing rarity Top Trumps. We’ve been tweeting the best of what we’ve seen. It’s also made us realise just how precious our time outdoors is, and how much nature can be found close to our homes when we look for it. Nature has a positive effect on mental health and – so long as appropriate social distancing is maintained and non-essential journeys avoided – gives focus and enjoyment to our daily routines at the moment.