Established in 1976, this competition seeks to recognise the best and/or the most scientifically interesting bird photograph. Preference is given to photographs taken in the Western Palearctic (Europe, North Africa and the Middle East), but those of species on the Western Palearctic List taken anywhere in the world are also eligible. Normally, up to three colour transparencies, each taken during the previous year (in this case 2003), may be submitted by each photographer. This year, we will accept either transparencies or digital images but, as the January issue goes to press, we are still finalising the rules for those submitting in digital format. We will print a full announcement, both in BB and on our website, as soon as possible. The closing date for entries will be 30th April 2004 and, as in previous years, the winning entries will be exhibited at the British Birdwatching Fair in August, where the awards will be presented.

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