'A Notebook of Birds -- 1907-1980'

This new book--an anthology of 'Notes' and 'Letters' published in British Birds, chosen and with a linking commentary by Dr Jim Flegg--will be published in July 1981 by Macmillan London. It is full of thought-provoking observations and ideas, and is attractively produced, with line-drawings by Norman Arlott, Robert Gillmor and Laurel Tucker. Subscribers to British Birds can order this book n o w and it will be sent post free promptly on publication. British Birds will gain financially if your orders are sent via us, and funds so obtained will be devoted to the journal. The book costs £6.95 (please add 50p if overseas). Please send orders and cheques or postal orders (payable to 'British Birds') to BB Book Offers, Fountains, Park Lane, Blunham, Bedford MK44 3NJ (or payment can be made into U K Post Office GIRO account no. 37 588 6303). 

Issue 4
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