'Birds New to Britain and Ireland'

The post-war accounts of birds new to Britain and Ireland which have been published in British Birds (from the 1946 Moustached Warblers Acrocephalus melanopogon to the present day) are being incorporated in a book to be published by T. & A, D. Poyser, British Birds Ltd holds the copyright of the texts and will receive a royalty from T. & A. D. Poyser, which will be used for the benefit of BB. Authors of the original papers are, however, entitled to claim a sum from this royalty in proportion to the space occupied by their paper in the final book. We hope that authors will waive their rights, but any claims may be placed from now onwards by writing to Dr J. T. R. Sharrock, Fountains, Park Lane, Blunham, Bedford MK.44 3NJ. It is intended also to include previously published photographs of the actual birds involved. Any photographers who can supply prints of these photographs are asked to write to Dr Sharrock. Copyright of photographs remains with the photographers and, unless waived, a fee will be paid lor those used.

Goshawk conference

The International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey is organising a conference on 'Understanding the Goshawk', at the Department of Zoology and Wadham College, Oxford, from 29th September to 1 st October 1981. Goshawk Accipiter gentilis populations have recently increased in some parts of Europe, leading to renewed controversy between hunting and protection interests about Goshawk control. The programme will contain much new information of interest to birdwatchers, falconers, game-conservers and scientists, and will form a basis for discussion of ways in which they can co-operate for future Goshawk conservation.

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