Since its inception, British Birds has been run by a commercial publishingfirm: first by H. F. & G. Witherby Ltd and, since 1st April 1973, by Macmillan Journals Ltd. Now, as from 1st August 1980, the journal is completely independent and will be run by the present editorial board (Stanley Cramp, Peter Grant, Malcolm Ogilvie and Tim Sharrock). The new company will be on a non-profit basis: if any surplus is achieved, it will be devoted to providing a better journal. Macmillan Journals Ltd were good publishers for BB and in many ways we regret leaving that happy stable. Relations remain most amicable, and we shall, indeed, be retaining some of our links with the Macmillan organisation, as we hope the occasional book will visibly demonstrate. With a circulation increase from 3,400 in 1976 to over 8,000 at the end of 1979, we believed that the journal could not be in a healthier state. Financially, however, this was not the case. As part of a large company,with high overheads, the journal was losing several tens of thousands of pounds a year. To make the journal viable, it would have been necessary, for instance, to reduce at once the number of pages per issue by 20% and to increase the price by, perhaps, 70%. This simultaneous lowering of standards and huge increase in price clearly spelt potential disaster. 

Issue 8
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Cramp, S
Grant, P
Sharrock, M. O. T. R
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