BB eye  Love thy neighbourhood gulls Viola Ross-Smith White feathers in black birds The most common plumage abnormalities in birds involve some form of white feathering, ranging from birds with just a few white feathers to individuals that are completely white. Results from the BTO Abnormal Plumage Survey are summarised, and data from a museum-based study of Blackbirds with plumage abnormalities are reported. The origin of the birdwatching term ‘jizz’ The term ‘jizz’ was introduced to ornithology by T. A. Coward in 1921. There is no evidence for any other etymology. In this paper we explain the origin and spread of the word. We also examine some false explanations of its origin. Raptor persecution in the Peak District National Park The number of confirmed raptor persecution events and the area of moorland burning (as a proxy for driven grouse shooting) were compared in 10-km squares throughout the Peak District National Park. The results demonstrate strong associations between intensive grouse-moor management, persecution of raptors and negative population impacts on both Goshawk and Peregrine in the Dark Peak. Letters  Conservation or unnecessary interference? Obituaries  Trevor Poyser; Mark Chapman Book reviewsNews & comment and Recent reports complete the May issue. To read the issue in full, you can subscribe to BB here

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