The authors of April 2023’s paper ‘A new subspecies of Little Tern from the Levant and its distinction from “European Little Tern” and Saunders’s Tern’ (Brit. Birds 116: 210–221) would like to apologise for the omission of Mohamed Habib from the list of authors. The correct author list should have read: Yosef Kiat, Mohamed Habib, Norman Deans van Swelm, Abdulla Alkaabi, Tereza Senfeld and J. Martin Collinson. A notice of correction has been added to the online version of this paper. The contact details for Mohamed Habib are PO Box 432, Hurghada, Egypt; e-mail [email protected].

The authors of this paper would also like to acknowledge the support and contribution of Hein van Grouw, Alex Bond and other curatorial staff at the ornithological collection of the Natural History Museum (Tring) for generous access to the collection, use of photographs and providing additional information on the specimens.

In addition, some accession numbers were incorrectly reported. For the three proposed paratypes listed on p. 218, the correct registration numbers are NHMUK 1924-2-20-160, NHMUK 1907-12-21-55 and NHMUK 1965-M-4216.

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