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Front-cover photograph: Slavonian Grebe Podiceps auritus, Sweden, April 2021. 

Simon Carrington

302      News and comment   Maddy Hine and Russ Malin

308      A history of breeding Slavonian Grebes in Britain     Stuart Benn and Malcolm Harvey

319      Fifty years of Common Guillemot studies on Skomer Island Tim Birkhead

335      Harry F. Witherby: a biographical sketch       Jeff R. Martin  

350      Wintering Blackcaps in Cumbria                    John Callion

354      Notes

356      Reviews

359      Recent reports

This year is turning out to be something of a milestone-filled year. As well as the BTO reaching 90 and the RBBP celebrating 50 years, 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of Harry Witherby’s birth and the 50th year since the start of Tim Birkhead’s long-term – and ongoing – study on Common Guillemots on Skomer. These last two anniversaries are both covered in this month’s issue: in the case of the former, as an overview of what Harry Witherby brought to British ornithology during his life (he was, of course, the first editor of British Birds – but he achieved plenty more than just that); and in the case of the latter, a summary of the many faciniating things that can be learnt from a long-term study of a single species at a single location. Finally, another paper looking back across the decades completes this month’s trio of main papers: a history of breeding Slavonian Grebes in Britain.

Issue 6
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