The following key papers have been published in BB in recent years, and are now freely available:

1. Population estimates of birds in Great Britain and the United Kingdom Helen Baker, David Stroud, Nicholas Aebischer, Peter Cranswick, Richard Gregory, Claire McSorley, David Noble and Mark Rehfisch Brit. Birds 99: 25-44 Download pdf

2. Racial identification and assessment in Britain: a report from the RIACT subcommittee Chris Kehoe Brit. Birds 99: 619-645 Download pdf

3. Optimising digital images David Tipling Brit. Birds 101: 39-42 Download pdf

4. The Eagle Owl in Britain Tim Melling, Steve Dudley and Paul Doherty Brit. Birds 101: 478-490 Download pdf

5. Birds of Conservation Concern 3 Mark Eaton, Andy Brown, David Noble, Andy Musgrove, Richard Hearn, Nicholas Aebischer, David Gibbons, Andy Evans and Richard Gregory Brit. Birds 102: 296-341 Download pdf

6. Separation of Willow Tit and Marsh Tit in Britain: a review Richard K. Broughton Brit. Birds 102: 604-616 Download pdf

7. Identification of Caspian Gull Chris Gibbins, Brian J. Small and John Sweeney Brit. Birds 103: 142–183. In March 2010, the first part of a major identification treatise on Caspian Gulls appeared in BB. Part 1 covered typical birds, click here to download a pdf. Part 2, by Chris Gibbins, Grzegorz Neubauer and Brian J. Small, dealt with phenotypic variability and the field characteristics of hybrids. That paper is not yet available online, but copies of that issue of BB are available for sale, price £6.50 from [email protected]

8. Overwinter population estimates of British waterbirds Andy Musgrove, Graham Austin, Richard Hearn, Chas Holt, David Stroud and Simon Wotton Brit. Birds 104: 364-397. Download pdf

9. Population estimates of birds in Great Britain and the United Kingdom Andy Musgrove, Nicholas Aebischer, Mark Eaton, Richard Hearn, Stuart Newson, David Noble, Matt Parsons, Kate Risely and David Stroud Brit. Birds 106: 64-100. Download pdf

10. Birds of Conservation Concern 4: the population status of birds in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man Mark Eaton, Nicholas Aebischer, Andrew Brown, Richard Hearn, Leigh Lock, Andy Musgrove, David Noble, David Stroud and Richard Gregory Brit. Birds 108: 708-741. Download BoCC4 Additional supplementary material for BoCC4 can be downloaded here

Supplementary information for recent key articles is also available, as detailed below:

1. Breeding Baillon’s Crakes in Britain Malcolm Ausden, Graham White and Mark Eaton Brit. Birds 106: 7–16. In the summer of 2012, at least six, and perhaps as many as 11, Baillon’s Crakes Porzana pusilla were heard singing in apparently suitable breeding habitat at a minimum of three locations in Britain. Malcolm Ausden, Graham White and Mark Eaton summarised these remarkable events in BB (click here to see an abstract of the paper ). To listen to separate recordings of Call 1 (the typical dry, rattling churr) of at least two different birds recorded in Britain in 2012 click BC1, BC2 and BC3

2. Male Blackcap singing while incubating Michelangelo Morganti Brit. Birds 106: 415. Watch the video of a bird in Spain, in full song while incubating, here

3. From the Rarities Committee’s Files: BBRC and Yellow Wagtails Adam Rowlands Brit. Birds 109: 289–411. Supplementary information, in the form of the full rarity submissions of key individuals discussed are available from the following links: 1462, 2545, 2567, 2655, 2755, 3010, 3130, 3152, 3579, 3580, 4731 and 5466.

4. The risk of extinction for birds in Great Britain Andrew Stanbury, Andy Brown, Mark Eaton, Nicholas Aebischer, Simon Gillings, Richard Hearn, David Noble, David Stroud and Richard Gregory Brit. Birds 110: 502–517. Additional supplementary information for this paper, describing the application of IUCN criteria to GB birds, is available here and here.

5. Great Crested Grebe catching hirundines Graham Stoker Brit. Birds 111: 402.




Birding references

Keith Naylor, who is well known for his mammoth works on the occurrence of British rarities, and for being a tireless and assiduous compiler of data in general, has sent us a copy of his database which includes almost 10,000 ornithological references to rare and scarce birds that occur in UK, mainly from British Birds, Birding World, Scottish Birds, Birding Scotland, Irish Birds, Welsh Birds and older journals. Many modern identification papers from other journals are also included. They are ordered by surname of lead author, but, using the search facility in Excel, you can quickly search for something. Keith has very kindly allowed us to make this database freely available – click here to download.




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