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Front-cover photograph: Kelp Gull Larus dominicanus, Cambridgeshire, August 2022. Richard Patient

226      News and comment   Maddy Hine and Russ Malin

231      Field identification of ‘American Pipit’ and ‘Siberian Pipit’ in autumn and winter       Andrew Birch, Cin-Ty Lee and Brian J. Small

259      Kelp Gull in Cambridgeshire: new to Britain              Richard Patient

271      The changing status of Cetti’s Warblers in Cumbria and northern Britain    John Callion and Colin Raven

278      Notes

280      Reviews

283      Recent reports

Just the other day, a friend in London sent me a video message. In the background, a Cetti’s Warbler was singing. Nothing unusual there – it’s a common bird in parts of southern England now, and most people in the capital wouldn’t bat an eyelid at hearing a Cetti’s Warbler these days – but I think we have a tendency to look at these colonising species from a Britain-wide point of view and overlook the fact that the species is still expanding its range. Indeed, it’s fascinating to think that the first bird I saw in Britain – in Kent in 2004 – pre-dates the first confirmed breeding of the species in my home county of Lancashire and North Merseyside by some six years. Indeed, it pre-dates the first-ever sighting of the species in Cumbria, where the first bird was recorded only in 2005. Papers such as the one in this month’s issue are important contributions to our ornithological knowledge. Although they deal with things on a local or regional level, they help us to piece together the broad picture, and allow us to keep track of Britain’s changing avifauna. 

Stephen Menzie, Editor

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