By Tim Mackrill

Bloomsbury, 2019 (‘RSPB Spotlight’ series)

Sbk, 128pp; many colour photographs

ISBN 978-1-4729-5603-3; £12.99

It’s always nice to have a choice and for all but the most devoted of Osprey aficionados (who might just buy both), this book offers one. It provides a more concise and less lavish overview of the bird and its lifestyle, though still manages to pack in just as many well-chosen photographs. The broad approach is similar to Alan Poole’s book, the aim being to provide a light, user-friendly text without getting too bogged down in complicated science or unnecessary detail. Where this book has an advantage is in its primary focus on Ospreys in the UK and Europe. Tim Mackrill managed the pioneering Rutland reintroduction project and is still involved with Osprey conservation today, developing new translocation projects and educational programmes across Europe to help secure the bird’s future. He is clearly an enthusiast, and is ideally placed to write this enjoyable account.

Ian Carter

Issue 11
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Ian Carter
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