ABSTRACT A first-winter male Dark-throated Thrush Turdus ruficollis of the red-throated nominate race occurred at The Naze, Essex, during 29th September to 7th October 1994 (Brit. Birds 88: 535). This was the first record of this race in Britain & Ireland, where, up to that time, there had been 30 records of the blackthroated race, atrogularis.t 08.50 GMT on 29th September 1994, BS caught sight of an unusual-looking, greyish thrush Turdus on steps ascending to the cliff-top cafe at The Naze, Essex. It was about the same size as a Fieldfare T. pilaris, with a similarly erect stance, and was uttering a quiet call, `seep', but its most prominent feature was red outertail feathers, which were startlingly noticeable in flight. He took notes on the bird and then telephoned Steve Beary, who passed the news on to other observers.The first to arrive, at about 10.20, was SDW, who relocated the bird, facing away from him on the top of a bush. It was disturbed by a dog-walker, but after about five minutes Tim Mendham, Andrew Thompson and Nigel Cuming arrived, and the bird provided fleeting views as it skulked in a cliff-face area of bramble Rubus and willowherb Epilobium. Alerted by a telephone call from SDW, SC then arrived and, gradually, all six of us obtained reasonable views.

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. S
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