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Stocks of the issues for October 1978. October 1979. November 1979 and May 1980 have run out. Anyone who has a copy which is not needed and who returns it to us will be doing BB (and potential purchasers of the complete volumes) a great favour. Your postage will be refunded by us if you enclose a note asking us to do so. Please send spare copies of any of these four issues to Mrs Erika Sharrock, Fountains, Park Lane, Blunham, Bedford, MK44 3NJ

Cory's Shearwaters in autumn 1980

The phenomenal movements of Cory's Shearwaters Calonectris diomedea in British and Irish waters during July-October 1980 are being collected and analysed by Tim Collins, P. G. H. Evans, Alastair Forsyth and Ciaran O'Flanagan for a summary paper in British Birds. Descriptions of the Cory's Shearwaters will, as usual, be assessed by the Rarities Committee and the Irish Records Panel. Details of movements observed (with times of start and finish, and details of other associated scabirds), together with any background information, should, however, be sent to Alastair Forsyth, Woodhaven, Butcherfield Lane, Hartfield, East Sussex.

Gwent Breeding Bird Atlas

The Gwent Ornithological Society, with the guidance of a committee consistingof J, M.S. Lewis, Dr S.J.Tyler, Dr W..A. Venables and M. J. C Walton, will be carrying out fieldwork between 1981 and 1984 for a county breeding bird atlas. All breeding records, even of common species, will be welcomed. Any birdwatchers in the county, or who will be visiting the area in 1981 or in the following three years, who would like to help with recording breeding birds in tetrads (2 X 2 km squares) are asked to contact Dr S. J. Tyler, Yew Tree Cottage, Lone Lane, Penallt, near Monmouth, Gwent NP3 4AJ.  

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