Birds in central northern France.

Many British ornithologists have visited Champagne, especially the large lakes of Der-Chantecoq and Foret d'Orient. The Centre Ornithologique Champagne-Ardenne would be very grateful for details of observations in the four French departments of Ardennes, Aube, Marne, and Haute-Marne. Notes should be sent to COCA, c/o Mr Alain Sauvage, 14 Porte de Bourgogne, 08000 Charleville-Mezieres, France.

Philippines records. To assist in the collation of information to highlight threatened bird species, any birders who have visited the Philippines in the past five years are asked to send their records to T. H. Fisher, c/o Jadine Nell Corporation, 325 Buendia Avenue, Makati, Manila, Philippines.

Atlassing in Italy. Helpers are needed with the breeding bird atlas survey ofltaly. Ornithologists (preferably with previous experience of breeding bird atlas fieldwork) willing to carry out fieldwork, in under-recorded areas of Italy to which they are directed, for one or more weeks during May-July 1983 or 1984, may be eligible for some financial assistance towards travel and other expenses. This is a marvellous opportunity for individuals and small teams of dedicated workers to make major contributions to the knowledge of European bird distribution and at the same time to have very enjoyable--though strenuous--birdwatching holidays. The emphasis will be on passerines, which are especially under-recorded in many parts of Italy. Anyone interested should write, indicating availability and experience, and supplying the name of an ornithological referee, to Professor Sergio Frugis, Istituto di Zoologia, Universita di Parma, Via Deli'Universita 12,43100 Parma, Italy. 

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