Irruption of Waxwings.--Waxwings Bombycilk garrulus began to appear on the east coast of Britain about 14th October 1965, and on the 17th there were 30 on Fair Isle (Shetland). On the 19th 300 were seen at Holkham (Norfolk) and between then and the end of the month several other large concentrations were reported in East Anglia, including hundreds in the area of the Broads and 400 at Thorpeness (Suffolk). Smaller numbers arrived in many other east coast counties and by the end of the month it was clear that a large-scale irruption was taking place. The last big invasions were in the four successive winters between 1956/57 and 1959/60 and these were analysed in a special paper by R. K. Cornwallis (Brit. Birds, 54: 1-30). Mr. Cornwallis is again collecting the records of the present invasion, this time in con junction with A. D, Townsend, with a view to eventual analysis either after the present winter or at some future date if it seems likely that this is the beginning of a further series of irruptions. We should be grateful if all records could be sent to A. D. Townsend, 11 Bassingham Crescent, Lincoln. Whooper Swans marked with blue dye.--In August 1965 a British expedition ringed a number of Whooper Swans Cygfius cygnus in Iceland. Many of these were also marked with a blue dye on the neck and, in most cases, on the front of the body and wings as well. Anyone seeing any Whooper Swans partly dyed blue
Issue 11
Cornwallis, R. K
Townsend, A. D

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