The Golden Eagle. By Michael Everett. William Blackwood & Sons Ltd, Edinburgh, 1977. 60 pages; 10 black-and-white photographs. 95p. 

This booklet will be ideal for the many visitors to the Scottish Highlands who hope to see a Golden Eagle. They are given some valuable hints on how to achieve this, without the unnecessary disturbance caused by visiting an eyrie. In addition, they are presented with a vast amount of up-to-date information on this bird--its behaviour, distribution, breeding success, and conservation--all presented in a very readable style, and interspersed with numerous details from the author's own field experiences. The text is complemented by ten vintage black-and-white photographs by C. E. Palmar. The serious raptor enthusiast probably already owns alternative books which treat the subject in greater detail, albeit at much higher cost than this modestly priced work. M. J . P. GREGORY

Die Vogelwelt Mecklenburgs. Edited by G. Klafs and J. Stubs. VEB Fischer, Jena, 1977, 358 pages; 17 diagrams, 41 distribution maps, 32 black-and-white plates. DDR 32.00 Marks

This first volume of the planned five-volume avifauna of the German Democratic Republic covers the northern provinces Rostock, Neubrandenburg and Schwerin. Part 1 is composed of detailed and interesting sections surveying: the history of ornithological research in the area; landscape; vegetation; sub-fossil records; the development of land-use and effects upon the birds; nature conservation, bird protection and hunting--the present position. Here, and elsewhere, it is interesting to note the authors' contention that, in comparison with the West, the political system in the DDR gives a better prospect for co-operation in the realm of environmental protection and the wise exploitation of natural resources. The photographs--although perhaps not consistently of the highest quality--I found superbly atmospheric: memories of my own happy stays on the quite beautiful Baltic islands of Rügen  and Hiddensee came flooding back. 

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Gregory, M. J. P
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