Check-List of the Birds of Great Britain and Ireland. Prepared b y the List Sub-Committee of the British Ornithologists' Union. (B.O.U., 1952). Obtainable from H. F. & G. Witherby, Ltd., 7s. 6d. This list is the result of work begun about 6 years ago. It is based on the B.O.U. List of 1923, and incorporates additions, alterations and corrections which have been published since then in The Ibis. There are however two notable changes from the last B.O.U. List, namely the arrangement of orders and families in the " Wetmore " classification beginning with the divers and ending with the Passerines, and the listing and numbering of birds as species instead of as subspecies. Both these changes are to be welcomed and are in accordance with present tendencies. However, it is surprising t h a t nowhere in this publication is it explained t h a t a major rearrangement of classification has been made, no mention is made of Dr. Wetmore, nor indication given of the basis of arrangement of species or larger groups. Wetmore's classification, as mentioned in our January Editorial, does not define the sequence of genera and species within each family of birds, and so another built on the Wetmore framework is to be expected, until an authoritative list becomes generally accepted in this country. I t is therefore very disappointing to find t h a t the present list seems unlikely to satisfy this need in a lasting way. In an unfortunate attempt to force
Issue 3
Hollom, P. A. D
Blair, H. M. S
Richardson, C

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