More Birds of the Day. By Eric Hosking and Cyril Newberry. (Collins, London, 1946). 125 6d. net. The great popularity of t h e authors' Birds of the Day has led t h e m to follow this up with a sequel providing a no less admirable picture gallery of British birds t h a n the first. I t has become almost superfluous in a review to praise t h e excellence of Messrs. Hosking's and Newberry's photographs and these are as good as ever. The 33 species illustrated are a well-mixed assortment of birds common and rare, including Rook, Twite, Crested Tit, Willow-Tit, Nightingale, Ring-Ouzel, Wryneck, Kingfisher, Hobby, Montagu's Harrier, Heron, Slavonian Grebe, Curlew, Stone-Curlew and Lapwing, to take a fair selection. There is also an excellent sequence illustrating the ejection of eggs from a Tree-Pipit's nest by a young Cuckoo and the interesting Slavonian Grebe series, including several striking postures of breeding birds, also deserves special mention : most of these last, b u t not all, have appeared previously in British Birds (Vol. xxxiii, pp. 170-173). To the numerous other photographs space does not permit reference in detail, but, speaking merely as a layman in photographic matters, we like particularly the rendering of t h e sober yet intricate pattern of the Wryneck's plumage, while the portrait of the Willow-Tit seems to us less successful than m o s t : it does not bring out the special characteristics of the species to advantage. Another point,
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