Report of the Oxford Ornithological Society on the Birds of Oxfordshire, Berkshire ' and Buckinghamshire, 1942. Edited by B . W. Tucker (University Museum, Oxford). T H I S report, which shows how well t h e society maintains its activity, contains as usual many interesting records. Among t h e m Aquatic "Warbler, W a t e r Pipit, Rough-legged Buzzard and several waders are -worth special mention, and t h e continued breeding of Marsh-Warbler and Hobby near Oxford is a matter for satisfaction. Three easily accessible localities have merited special attention : the classic locality of Port Meadow has attracted Whcoper and Bewick's Swans, White-fronted Geese and Smew ; at Sandford, near Oxford, and a t Slough a number of uncommon waders have been seen. Bird-marking and organized work, which in t h e past have been a valuable part of this society's activities, have necessarily suffered. A.W.B. London Bird Report for 1942. {Edited b y R. S, R. F i t t e r and E . R, Parrinder). Supplement to The London Naturalist, is. 6d. APART from t h e usual annotated list t h e report contains articles by Mr. Fitter 011 " Black Redstarts in London and Middlesex in t h e Summer of 1942 "* and " Iceland and Glaucous Gulls in t h e London Area in t h e Winter of 194142." There are also shorter articles on " Pied Wagtails attacking other Birds " and " A Bigamous
Issue 8
Alexander, W. B
Schaefer, J

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