GOING, GOING, GONE?: ANIMALS AND PLANTS ON THE BRINK OF EXTINCTION AND HOW YOU CAN HELP By Malcolm Tait. Think Publishing, London, 2006. 216 pages, 100 full-page colour photographs and other illustrations. ISBN 1-84525-027-3. Hardback, £12.99. This book is different, in fact it is rather strange –­ but I found it a most enjoyable read. As I delved deeper and deeper into the pages, however, I began to get a sense of guilt ­ guilt that I was enjoying it so much when clearly I should be getting angry – angry at what we are doing to the planet. Over the years, there have been plenty of books with conservation messages warning us about the doom and gloom that was just over the horizon, but there can be few ­ if any ­ books like this, with contributions from 99 conservation organisations between its covers. Organisations which range from the familiar RSPB to the less wellknown Wollemi Pine Conservation Club. Each was asked to `pick one species, subspecies or habitat that needs saving' –­ then the author/editor added one of his own. Among the 100 selected there are 21 birds, ranging from Redbreasted Goose Branta ruficollis to Cerulean Warbler Dendroica cerulea, whilst the non-avian content includes species ranging from the to-be-expected Polar Bear Ursus maritimus and Lowland Gorilla Gorilla gorilla to the less expected English Elm Ulmus procera and Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail Anisus vorticulus. 

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