Die Vogel Baden-Wiirttembergs. Band 1: Gefahrdung und Schutz. Band 4: Folienkarten. Edited by Jochen Holzinger. Verlag Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart, 1987. Vol. 1: 1,800 pages; 344 colour photographs; 1,116 black-and-white photographs, figures and maps; 301 tables; DM 128. Vol. 4: 66 pages; 45 figures and maps; eight tables; 36 transparent overlay maps; DM 32.The federal state of Baden-Wiirttemberg lies in the southwest corner of the Federal German Republic and, excluding the 539 km² of water of the Bodenseeon its southern edge, covers an area of approximately 35,751km²--not much more than the size of the Netherlands. These phenomenal and beautiful volumes, the first and fourth of an eventual seven-volume treatise on the ornithology of this region, represent, in my opinion, a major advance in ornithological publishing and one to which I can scarcely do justice in the limited space available here. Volume 1, dealing with threats and conservation, is in three separate parts, each a complete book. Part 1, concerned basically with habitat protection, provides a pretty exhaustive treatment of all background factors relating to conservation and demonstrates why conservation is so necessary: threat factors (habitat destruction, land-use changes, environmental pollution, hunting and human persecution), the 'Red List' of endangered species, focal points of 'traditional' bird conservation; and contributions to the speciesprotection programme in Baden-Wiirttemberg, habitat by habitat. In short, it brings together the threat factors and relates these to individual habitats, the function of which is analysed, as a background to the habitat-protection programme.

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