By Paul Mason and Jake Allsop Poyser, 2009 Hbk, 280pp, many photographs, vignettes and tables ISBN 978-0-7136-7683-9 Subbuteo code M20081 £45.00 BB Bookshop price £36.00 This is the latest in the long-running and gener- ally excellent series of Poyser monographs, dealing with a species that has become a charismatic member of our breeding bird community. It is written by two Cambridgeshire residents who have spent many years studying the tiny and inse- cure fenland population. The format is pretty standard Poyser fare: descriptions of this and other orioles around the world, sections on breeding behaviour, food, vocalisations, migra- tion, and is illustrated by some stunning close-up photographs. The authors have obviously corres- ponded with legions of oriole buffs across the globe, for the text is littered with snippets of 'pers. comms.' from just about everywhere that Golden Orioles Oriolus oriolus occur. These add inter- esting background to the main thrust of the book, which is, inevitably and pleasingly, directed towards the bird's status in Britain. This is based upon 20 years of observations by the 'Golden Oriole Group' - a small and strongly motivated team of enthusiasts who have spent hundreds of hours watching and recording orioles on their British breeding grounds.
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