In Search of the Cirl Bunting, by Andrew Cole, Devon. 1993. 127 pages; 26 colour plates; 20 black-and-white plates; 10 distribution maps; 4 line drawings; 10 tables; 3 graphs. ISBN O 9521242 0 3. £25.00. After years of casual birding, Andrew Cole took early retirement and moved to south Devon. It was not long before he discovered the satisfaction of focusing on a single species: the enigmatic Cirl Bunting Emberiza cirlus. This book tells the story of the Cirl Bunting in Britain and all those who have studied it, going back to Colonel Montagu. It includes the results of Cole's personal studies covering 90-100 days per year over four years. In the introduction, he expresses admiration for the early naturalists, such as Walpole-Bond and Bannerman. He says they wrote books to be read, weaving factual information in such a way that one arrives easily upon their conclusions. In Search of the Cirl Bunting is written in the same easy style. The six chapters cover the history of the species in Britain, the bird and its behaviour, the summer months, the winter months, breeding and a discussion of the factors which have contributed to the species' decline. It is very much a personal account and has no pretension of being a comprehensive monograph. It is a good read, written by an enthusiast for enthusiasts. 

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