Wildwatch Information System, version 2, with UKMap. 3.5-in. or 5.25-in. computer disc, 44-p. manual. Computer Concepts (Northern), South Shields, 1994. £79.00. Input your bird records with date, place, grid reference, numbers, etc., and output them as sorted lists or as dots on custom-drawn maps. The map-drawing facility of this DOS-based program is very basic, but you can import scanned images, provided you have access to a scanner. Even so, the results are not impressive. The linked UKMap plots your records on an outline of Britain, and you can zoom to a single 100-km square overlaid with a 10-km grid, though the provided outline is very crude--I could barely recognise Islay or adjacent islands when I zoomed to its 100-km square--and there are no county boundaries. A second map shows counties, but with no zoom facility. Although UKMap plots records input into WildWatch, you cannot access it directly, but have to exit the latter and load UKMap separately. The maps from both programs can be printed, but much detail is lost without a colour printer. There is the basis of a good idea here, but it needs further development to become really useful. Although minimum requirements are an 8086 computer with 512K memory, I found the map-drawing slow even on a 486SX.

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