Birds of Skokholm. By Michael Betts. Bioline, for the Dyfed Wildlife Trust, Cardiff, 1992. 74 pages; 19 line-drawings; 76 histograms and graphs. ISBN 0-9520432-0-3. Paperback £4.50. This book gives a concise, readable account of data gathered since Lockley began observations in 1933. Along similar lines to Dymond's Birds ofhmdy and my Birds ofBardsey, information is readily comparable with that from these other west-coast islands. Past and current status for all 262 species, histograms showing peak occurrence, and breeding totals for selected species over 45 years (1946-90) are given. The vignettes are poorly reproduced and there is some lack of detail compared with the Lundy and Bardsey books: only half the number of histograms, no reference to numbers of years of occurrence for migrants and no tabulated breeding bird data is regrettable. I was left unsure whether records earlier than 1933 exist some records for the 1920s are mentioned, but not referenced---and I see no records that relate to Mathew (1894) in the bibliography. This will, however, be useful for anyone needing an overview of the ornithological riches of this famous, attractive Welsh island. Closer scrutiny and comparison with similar published data for other bird observatories and migration hot-spots should interest everyone, from twitchers to students of bird migration and island avifaunas. P. J . ROBERTS

Birds of Hampshire. Edited by J. M. Clark & J. A. Eyre. Hampshire Ornithological Society, Fleet, 1993. 512 pages; 36 colour plates; 4 black-andwhite plates; 83 line-drawings; 96 distribution maps; 81 histograms; 81 tables. ISBN 0-9509805- 1-X. £22.50.When plans for this book were first discussed ten years ago, my intentions were to offer my services in any useful way possible.


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