The Herons of Europe. By Claire Voisin. Illustrated by G. Brusewitz, P. L. Suiro & F. Desbordes. T. & A. D. Poyser, London, 1991. 364 pages; four colour plates; 83 line-drawings. £22.50.  Wot! Not a n o t h e r book on herons? (There seems to have been a spate recently, the appeal of this group obviously almost matching that of owls.) This, however, is not just another book about herons. It is something rather rather special. With the look and 'feel' of a traditional Poyser, the contents also match up to the very best volumes in the distinctive white dust-jackets. The author, Dr Claire Voisin, clearly has a love of the subject, as well as very wide-ranging knowledge. This is far from being a mere rehash of old material, organised into potted accounts of each species. There are chapters on each of Europe's nine breeding species, but there are also a further nine chapters on subjects such as classification, origin, breeding behaviour, habitat, feeding behaviour, and protection. T h e reader is likely, time and again, to come across the sorts of facts which intrigue, surprise or amaze. 

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