Bird Trapping and Bird Banding: a handbook for trapping methods all over the World. By Hans Bub. Translated by Frances Hammerstrom & Karin Wuertz-Schaefer. Cornell University Press, New York, 1991. 330 pages; 158 black-and-white plates; 298 line-drawings and figures. $69.50.Originally published in German in 1978, this important work by Hans Bub has now been translated into English. The subject of the book is bird capture, with some additional reference to other aspects of bird-ringing (banding), and it is the most comprehensive volume available, drawing from both a broad geographical and a historical range of sources. It will be a particularly valuable source of ideas for students of elusive species who are trying to devise effective methods to capture their subjects of study. Two forewords, by George Jonkel, Chief of the Bird Banding Laboratory, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Chris Mead, Head of the British Bird-Ringing Scheme at the British Trust for Ornithology, both carefully explain that bird capture in most countries is now permissible only by trained and licensed bird-ringers for scientific investigation. Fears that this book might impart the secrets of mass bird-catching to illegal bird-trappers are largely allayed by its emphasis on techniques developed before about 1970. Ornithologists will learn much from the descriptions of the techniques of the Mediterranean and tropical birdcatchers, but it is unlikely that the bird-catchers would discover much of use to them that they do not know already, even if they do decide to pay the high price for the book.

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