The Good Birdwatchers Guide. By Peter Jennings. (Ficedula Books, Llandrindod Wells, 1991. 482 pages. Paperback £9.95). Some 2,500 birdwatching sites in Britain get three to ten lines each. Access information uses grid references, making OS maps essential. Bird information lacks any indication of quality: e.g. Ouse Washes, Welney— 'winter wildfowl and raptors, summer and passage waders', and Coate Water Country Park, Swindon—'passage waders and terns; passage and winter wildfowl; summer warb lers'. Addresses of Tourist Bureaux and places to stay (e.g. Youth Hostels and hotels and B&B) are given by area. Islay rates a page, containing three factual errors and two wrong and three misleading grid references out of eleven; and of three recommended hotels, one is closed and one I would not endorse. There are lists of county recorders and advice on binoculars, telescopes, and so on.

A Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World. Second edn. By Richard Howard & Alick Moore. (Academic Press, London, 1991. 622 pages. £22.50) This classic world list has been updated to include amendments resulting from publication of the last two volumes of J. L. Peters's Checklist of the Birds of the World. As before, races are listed, with a brief note of range, under each species. The invaluable indexes to scientific names and English names comprise a total of 80 pages.  

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