Caring for your Pet Bird. By Dr R. Dean Axelson. (Revised edn. Sterling Publishing, New York; Cassell, London, 1989. 68 pages. Paperback £5.95) An informative guide to diseases of captive birds, which might help in treatment of injured wild birds. TIM INSKIPP.

Islands in the Sound: wildlife in the Hebrides. By Alison Johnson. (Victor Gollancz, London, 1989. 191 pages. £14.95) A ramble through family life in the Hebrides, from sailing, through wildlife to pertinent environmental issues. Scattered throughout are wash and line vignettes from John Busby's economic hand. [ALAN HARRIS ].

Birdwatching in Eilat. By David Yekutiel. (International Birdwatching Center, Eilat, 1989. 33 pages. Paperback US$7.50) A well-produced introduction to the natural history of Eilat, Israel, with descriptions of birdwatching areas and 22 striking colour photographs of birds, including rarities such as Bateleur Terathopius ecaudatus and Greyheaded Gull Larus cirrocephalus. It is completed by an annotated checklist of the 407 bird species recorded in the area, with codes for status and months of occurrence. An indispensable guide for all birdwatchers visiting. TIM INSKIPP


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