Birds of Prey of the Middle East. By Bertel Bruun and Assas Serhal. Illustrated by Arthur Singer and Sherif Baha. (Holy Land Conservation Fund & the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon. New York & Beirut, 1988. 96 pages. $10.00) This is a slim, handy-sized field guide to birds of prey, in Arabic. Non Arabic speakers could, however, make use of the very clear maps and excellent colour illustrations. I cannot review the text, but the calibre of the authors is such that I am sure that it is accurate and helpful. Hopefully, this is a fore-runner of other guides.

Kennzeichen und Mauser europaischer Singvogel, 4. Teil. Cistensanger, Seidensanger, Schwirle, Rohrsanger. By Hans Bub and Harald Dorsch. (Die Neue Brehm-Bucherei 580. A. Ziemsen Verlag, Wittenberg Lutherstadt, 1988. 221 pages. DM24.90) Continuing the well-received series on the morphology and moult of  European song-birds (Brit. Birds 77: 637-638; 79: 315), this volume deals with the genera Cisticola (one species), Cettia (one), Locustella (six) and Acrocephalus (eight). Species accounts average 12 pages and cover plumage and biometrics, subspecific and geographical variation, sexing and ageing, breeding biology (briefly), and moult, all supported by an admirably comprehensive bibliography. Anyone with an interest in warblers, and a little understanding of German (or possessing a German/English dictionary), would find much of value in this volume. Where else would you find a photograph showing the ventral and dorsal surfaces of five species of Locustella?

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