The Dragonflies of Europe. By R. R. Askew, (Harley Books, Great Horkesley, 1988. 291 pages. £49.95.) Every species meticulously illustrated in colour with the text covering description of the adult, biology (behaviour, jizz, habitat, etc.), flight period and distribution, with a quarter-page distribution map covering Europe and North Africa. As always with this publisher, beautifully produced.

Der Zaunkonig. By Manfred Dallmann. (Die Neue Brehm-Bucherei 577, A. Ziemsen Verlag 1987. Paperback DM10.00) Dealing with the Wren Troglodytes troglodytes, this is number 577 in this incredible series of paperback monographs, which is an essential source of reference for anyone studying any of the species. As usual, the text is wholly in German.

Atlas of Victorian Birds. By W. B. Emison, C. M. Beardsell, F. I. Norman, R. H. Loyn. Graphics and analyses by S. C. Bennett. (Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands & RAOU, Melbourne, 1987. 271 pages. Paperback A$25.00) I have never visited this area of Australia, do not know the birds, and they are not illustrated, but I could (and have) spent hours browsing, reading and wondering in this rich mine of information. Records collected during 1973 to 1986, by members of the RAOU and the National Parks and Wildlife Division of Victoria of the Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands, are plotted by 10-minute blocks (rectangles of 10 minutes latitude by 10 minutes longitude), with separate maps for occurrence and for breeding; and there are histograms showing monthly reporting rates, and short but very informative texts interpreting the maps.

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Hudson, R
Christie, D. A
Glue, D
Dawson, I
Moss, R
Boyd, M
Shirley, B
Standring, K. T
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