Birds of Kerala: the birds of Travancore and Cochin. By Salim Ali. (Oxford University Press, India; first published 1953, second edition 1969, reprinted 1984. £15.00) This welcome reprint will be indispensable to anyone visiting southern India (and not just Kerala). After a stimulating introduction, all relevant species and subspecies are comprehensively treated in Handbook style. Only a selection is illustrated in colour, but this includes most of the endemics and many distinct races. [NIGEL REDMAN]

Birds of the Cayman Islands. By Patricia Bradley. (P. E. Bradley, 1985. £22.00) Competently written, well-produced guide to the birds of these islands. The 72 excellent colour photographs illustrate most of the common species (though not all of those also found in North America). The 148 regularly occurring species are covered in some detail (163 pages), whilst 28 rarer visitors are dealt with in a nine-page appendix. Birdwatchers visiting the islands should obtain a copy, though the high price may put others off. [DAVID FISHER] 

Manual del Anillador (ringers' guide in Spanish). By Pedro Ceballos, Juan Molina, Antonio Franco and Borja Palacios. (Instituto Nacional Para La Conservation de la Naturaleza, 1984. No price given). Based closely on the BTO Ringer's Manual, this is more weather-proof, pocketable and better illustrated, but less comprehensive and with no index. Essential for foreigners ringing in Spain (although with no instructions specifically for them), as required ring-sizes and methods differ a good deal from ours, and there are recommendations for Iberia's special birds, ringing in mixed heronries, and other local tips. It is possible for the non Spanish-speaker to follow some of the critical sections. [J. M. O'SULLIVAN] 

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